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Re: Debconf or not debconf

* Julien LEMOINE

 > 	I received a bug report on stunnel package from an user [1] that
 > complained about the fact that I didn't warning about the new
 > /etc/default/stunnel file introduced in package (thereis a note in
 > README.Debian and in changelog).
 > 	Since debconf is not really appreciated for this use, what is the
 > best solution ? Inform users with debconf or give them informations only
 > in changelog and README.Debian ?

  I'd say you stick it in debian/NEWS and leave it at that.

  If you're in doubt of whether or to use debconf for anything:  don't.
 Far too many packages has become far too loquacious of late, and the
 (mis)use of debconf seem to be misinterpreted as a carte blanche for
 doing so, unfortunately.

Tore Anderson

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