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Re: but I want the GNU versions of packages

> what's the point? Surely you want the best, not necessarily the GNU
> version (which might be an incredibly bleeding-edge pre-alpha thing,
> like for example mailutils was not so long ago)?

OK, let's just say I like the GNU guys and would like them to know if
there are any bugs in their stuff, otherwise how will it improve?

And mawk: development halted years ago.  Wouldn't any awk bugs I find
be better reported for gawk?

So, how does one find the rest of the packages on one's system that
"Conflicts:" with genuine GNU alternative packages.

>From the tone of your message, I bet there are lots that you fellows
have pre-chosen for us new debian users.  So far I have discovered
mawk, and mailx.  So, out with it, what are the rest?

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