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Re: but I want the GNU versions of packages

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 10:55:44AM +0800, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> OK, let's just say I like the GNU guys and would like them to know if
> there are any bugs in their stuff, otherwise how will it improve?

If you are genuinely interested, you will seek these packages out.
Debian cannot diversify to every single person's taste. They are all
in the archive.

> And mawk: development halted years ago.  Wouldn't any awk bugs I find
> be better reported for gawk?

mawk is faster. Through the maintainer, we are able to continue some
form of development, by providing patches, etc. Would you like to
complain about cron, too, which is at Debian release -74 because Paul
Vixie is no longer interested in keeping it up to scratch? It's patched
to the gills by a very competent package maintainer.

I see no reason to use a slower gawk when mawk will do. Are you just
idealistically motivated to hound Debian developers because we're not
all Richard Stallmans?

Rather than bitching on and on, if you really think you have a case
to present about providing a 'gnu' task or something, you should start
being useful to the Debian community. So far you've done absolutely
nothing, and the respect I didn't have for you is already plummeting
below zero.

> So, how does one find the rest of the packages on one's system that
> "Conflicts:" with genuine GNU alternative packages.
> From the tone of your message, I bet there are lots that you fellows
> have pre-chosen for us new debian users.  So far I have discovered
> mawk, and mailx.  So, out with it, what are the rest?

grep-available -e -FPriority \(standard\|required\) -s Package

for a general idea, and poke around in /usr/share/doc to see what is
*gasp* not GPLed.. Knock yourself out. Your tone insinuates that Debian
is a well kept secret, and all you do is sit on your ass and complain
about what you are not willing to easily find out about.

Remember, if you are so explodingly keen to use an entirely GNU system,
I recommend the Hurd especially for you.


A man may be so much of everything that he is nothing of anything.
        -- Samuel Johnson

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