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Re: Package Lists and Size

Corrin Lakeland <lakeland@cs.otago.ac.nz> wrote:
>> So, i think if there .diff's exist, maybe apt-get can patch the
>> Changes into the files on the client, or a small wrapper arround
>> apt-get can do this..
> Goodness, you are the second person to ask for this in a month.  Diff is not 
> suitable since there are many versions the file could be diffed against.  You 
> need rsync, anoncvs, or similar.
> Some of the servers run rsync, which works well for the Packages file, but 
> does not work for the packages themselves.  Other mirrors do not run rsync 
> since it puts extra CPU load on their server. Perhaps you could find/use a 
> mirror with public rsync access.  To do this, just replace http with rsync in 
> your sources.list

With which apt version ?
I don't find any usr/lib/apt/methods/rsync :(

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