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Re: Package Lists and Size

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> So, i think if there .diff's exist, maybe apt-get can patch the
> Changes into the files on the client, or a small wrapper arround
> apt-get can do this..

Goodness, you are the second person to ask for this in a month.  Diff is not 
suitable since there are many versions the file could be diffed against.  You 
need rsync, anoncvs, or similar.

Some of the servers run rsync, which works well for the Packages file, but 
does not work for the packages themselves.  Other mirrors do not run rsync 
since it puts extra CPU load on their server. Perhaps you could find/use a 
mirror with public rsync access.  To do this, just replace http with rsync in 
your sources.list

There are technical solutions to precomputing the diffs used by rsync, as well 
as solutions for diffing .gz files.  E.g. I was able to perform apt-get 
update, upgrade in about half the time, but nobody has put in the work 
required to get these nicely integrated into the current tool set, set up on 
the servers with simple HOWTOs for mirrors.

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