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Re: Gaim-Encryption plugin violates Gaim's license


Thanks for your email.  When I initially started using OpenSSL with the
Gaim-Encryption plugin, I had no plans of distributing binaries of it,
and thus I wasn't overly worried about the license issues associated
with OpenSSL.  I hadn't revisited those issues before releasing the 
precompiled Windows version, and as you point out, it violates Gaim's
license.  I've pulled those binaries from the Sourceforge site.

I had already been planning on switching the crypto library used by the
plugin- I'm hoping to find the time in the next few weeks to do that
change.  Until then, I plan on leaving the current source distribution
of the plugin on the website.  If you feel that there is a GPL violation
with the source distribution, please let me know, but I don't believe
that that is the case.

I am less sure of the legal situation with regards to the Fedora
Gaim-Encryption RPM.  It is linked against the OpenSSL libraries
distributed with RedHat, and distributed in its own RPM (not packaged
together with Gaim).  As such, I suppose that it depends on your
interpretation of the "OS exemption" clause, and perhaps other
subtleties that I would rather not argue.  It will become moot as soon
as I can find a few days to re-code some parts of the plugin.


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