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Re: Bug#195481: fragmented location info: hassle for users especially mobile ones

On ma, 2003-06-02 at 19:38, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> I think that's the best solution. There are parts of the world with more
> than one official language, and in some of those parts (such as Quebec,
> or Belgium), guessing incorrectly may be a good way to severely piss
> off a user.

Additonally, in every part of the world there tend to be visitors. If,
say, I were sent to Japan, I wouldn't want a computer I install there to
suddenly start speaking Japanese at me, since I don't understand the
language it all.

There are also locations that have no native language at all: the
Antarctica, and ships, oil rigs, and desert islands, for example. (If I
ever get marooned on a desert island and fail to install Debian because
it can't figure out what locale to set, I shall declare myself king and
be royally angry.)

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