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Re: Celebrating Debian's 10th birthday?

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 11:28:53AM +0200, Alexander Neumann wrote:

[Debian anniversary party]
> At that time I'm doing my social service ("Zivildienst") in Cologne and
> there might be a possibility to get facilities there, but I believe it's
> too far in the west of Germany to be "in the middle"...

That would not be a problem as far as I am concerned }:->.

To be serious again: it is rather far in the west, so something more central
might be better. On the other hand Cologne is rather easy to reach by public
transport, which is a plus.

The release party last year in Minden was really nice - thanks again to Falk
for doing the local organisation. Would it be possible to use the same
facilities again?

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