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Re: Celebrating Debian's 10th birthday?

Alexander Neumann wrote:
> While digging around in the calendar-files at infodrom.org I suddenly
> realized that Debian will have it's 10th birthday at August, 16th
> (according to the calendar.infodrom.debian file at
> http://www.infodrom.org/projects/calendar/)
> Are there any parties planned already? ;)

I hope to get a party somewhere in middle Germany, similar but larger
than last year's party.  However, there's nobody planning on details
yet.  If you have a party facility[1] nearby would you mind checking
it out?



[1] Sleeping space included for sleeping bags at least, some kitchen
    facility, some washing (showering?) facility, some barbecue facility,
    enough space indoor and outdoor, not too difficult to reach (i.e.
    an island would be nice but too far away for most of us)

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