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Re: Unofficial projects related with Debian.

On Fri, 23 May 2003, David B Harris wrote:

> On Fri, 23 May 2003 11:58:45 -0300
> Gustavo Franco <stratus@legolas.alternex.com.br> wrote:
> >
> > - Guidelines to Debian subprojects (Do you known
> >    what are the official and unofficial subprojects now?);
Besides the fact that a subproject becomes the "official" status in the
same way a single package becomes the "official" status - just if an
official maintainer cares for it enough I see a need for a different

We have to face to different types of subprojects: User oriented,
technically oriented and just administrative projects which are
listed on the page mentioned above.  In my opinion the list above
is confusiung up to disinformative because there is absolutely no
distinction between these different types of projects.

> > [1] = "Mono for Debian", ipv6 (is it official or unofficial?),
> > "ddtp", ...
I just try some Kategorisation:

   U - User oriented
   T - Tries to support some special techniques to enhance Debian quality
   A - Cares for administration stuff for better organising Debian work

> http://www.debian.org/devel/, "Projects" section:
A: >     * Debian Web Pages
A: >     * Debian archive
T: >     * Debian Documentation Project (DDP)
T: >     * The X Strike Force
A: >     * The Quality Assurance group
A: >     * Debian GNU/Linux CD images
A: >     * The sponsorship program
A: >     * The key signing coordination page
T: >     * Debian IPv6 Project
U: >     * Debian Jr. Project
U: >     * Debian-Med Project
U: >     * Debian-Edu Project
U: >     * Debian-Lex Project
U: >     * The Debian Desktop Project
A: >     * Automatic package building system
A: >     * Technical Committee
T: >     * Debian Description Translation Project (DDTP)
A: >     * Alioth: Debian GForge

The missing projects like "Mono for Debian", ipv6 would have to get type "T"

> Certainly seems that they're listed.
I would like to see this not only listed but cleanly separated for their
different nature.  Thus I CC debian-www to discuss a change of the relevant

I tried to express this in


which brings up the need for a debian-internal or debian-subproject or
whatever mailing list to discuss those topics. (Damn, I'm sure I filed a
bug report requesting this kind of mailing list but I neither can't find
it in the BTS nor is the list created. I guess I have to file this wish
again.  What do you think would be an apropriate name?)

Kind regards


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