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Re: Unofficial projects related with Debian.

On Fri, 23 May 2003 11:58:45 -0300
Gustavo Franco <stratus@legolas.alternex.com.br> wrote:
> Hi,
> Why Debian Desktop subproject is on official website
> and many others[1] aren't? The Debian Desktop is a good
> initiative, but there are many others that are being
> excluded from the website.I've some ideas:
> - Guidelines to Debian subprojects (Do you known
>    what are the official and unofficial subprojects now?);
> - List the subprojects in two areas of the website:
>    * Developers' corner, to subprojects in initial state;
>    * A new area called: Subprojects, containing full
>    information about the subprojects considered mature.
> [1] = "Mono for Debian", ipv6 (is it official or unofficial?),
> "ddtp", ...

http://www.debian.org/devel/, "Projects" section:

    * Debian Web Pages
    * Debian archive
    * Debian Documentation Project (DDP)
    * The X Strike Force
    * The Quality Assurance group
    * Debian GNU/Linux CD images
    * The sponsorship program
    * The key signing coordination page
    * Debian IPv6 Project
    * Debian Jr. Project
    * Debian-Med Project
    * Debian-Edu Project
    * Debian-Lex Project
    * The Debian Desktop Project
    * Automatic package building system
    * Technical Committee
    * Debian Description Translation Project (DDTP)
    * Alioth: Debian GForge

Certainly seems that they're listed.

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