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Re: What makes a debconf?

* Joe Drew (hoserhead@woot.net) [030524 01:11]:
> It's not entirely clear to me what makes Debconf into 'the' Debian 
> conference. For example, if this conference in the US ends up 
> happening, what's to say it isn't Debconf 3? The defining 
> characteristics, so far as I can define them, are that it is annual, 
> and Debian developers go to it.

that it is international, and is focused on debian regarding the
topics of talks, surrounding events and such?

> Do we need some method of deciding what constitutes 'the' Debconf? 

and we do need THE Debconf. I am all for having as many debian
meetings, install parties, debian beer hikes and Debian user
group meetings as possible, preferable on a regualar basis.
Everyting to let debian become a real-live (vs online/virtual)
community, too!

the intention of the debconf is to be the regular/annual
meetingpoint for the debian developer/user community, where
people can get in touch, enjoy the huge bandwidth of face-to-face
communication, build relations to people otherwise on the other
end of the earth and only met on irc/mailinglist, eat and

in my opinion this servs to inspire and to enthuse people to
spend insane amounts of their time on making debian the best
operatingsystem. people should realise again that they are part
of a greater cause, some kind of crusade, if you will. (c:

it does that only if it is significant. it is less significant if
it is less focused (as david pointed out in this thread) and less
international. It needs to be unique for that.

the significant amount of work and time (and money) the
preparation of a debconf consumes will by itself ensure that
there are not too many in one year. And those wishing and able to
invest this time hopefully are enlightend enough to not destroy
the debconf experience by creating the debconf3.2.5.

it might be possible to have a debconf at several locations (even
the US?) at the same time, with high-powered communication links
(satellite links for video-tansmission of talks?). This sounds
rather advanced and i know nothing about the economic and
technical implications.

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