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What makes a debconf?

I have no objection to the existence of a Debian conference in the US, particularly given that people are clamouring for one. (I probably won't go, though.)

However, I have been bothered by something for a while now: there is no real way to distinguish debconf from some other Debian conference, excepting that it's called 'debconf.' I know that in organising debconf 2 in Toronto, I simply asserted control and said "Debconf 2 will be at York University."

When Tollef said he wanted to organize Debconf 3 in Oslo, I backed down on my desire to have Debconf 3 in Canada again, deferring it to 2004.

It's not entirely clear to me what makes Debconf into 'the' Debian conference. For example, if this conference in the US ends up happening, what's to say it isn't Debconf 3? The defining characteristics, so far as I can define them, are that it is annual, and Debian developers go to it.

Do we need some method of deciding what constitutes 'the' Debconf?

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