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Re: What makes a debconf?

> Do we need some method of deciding what constitutes 'the' Debconf?

Or maybe we need to be more freeform.  There is no inherent "betterness" of 
say the Oslo conference over one held near Washington, DC.  Maybe there are 4 
of them one year and only one the next.  Maybe we start holding one every 
year in Little Rock, Arkansas and Paris, France.

"Debconf" is about Debian developers trying to meet other devels and users.  
Its about trying to make us a stronger organization.  Its about hacking and 
all of the other reasons we love Debian.

Treating it like a Comdex, a Linux World or anything else just seems wrong.

Developers should feel encouraged to declare a conference whenever and 
whereever they can make one.  If one of us can organize a meet and people 
will show up that makes a conference.

(hmm, reading this before I hit send the above may sound confrontational. Joe 
this is not my intent.  Just expressing how I feel about the whole debconf 

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