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Re: What makes a debconf?

On Fri, 23 May 2003 17:33:58 -0700
Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shalehperry@attbi.com> wrote:
> "Debconf" is about Debian developers trying to meet other devels and users.  
> Its about trying to make us a stronger organization.  Its about hacking and 
> all of the other reasons we love Debian.
> Treating it like a Comdex, a Linux World or anything else just seems wrong.

The problem is that people who can get expenses reimbursed need to have
a focus. Sponsors need to have a focus. There needs to be a "major"
conference for these kinds of things; in other words, it has to be
billed as something more than just a bunch of people getting together,
even if that's what *all* conferences are at heart.

If a Debian Developer's employer is willing to let them go to one trade
conference a year, expenses paid or partially paid, and the options are
"one of a dozen Debian conferences or LinuxWorld", their employers will
say "LinuxWorld". If, on the other hand, the options are "one of a dozen
Debian conferences, Debconf, and LinuxWorld", their employers will
likely allow either of the last two.

> Developers should feel encouraged to declare a conference whenever and 
> whereever they can make one.  If one of us can organize a meet and people 
> will show up that makes a conference.

Of course, but "Debconf" is a specific term. If you're arguing that it
isn't, then we need to come up with another one, that denotes an annual
Debian conference that's official in nature :) See above.

I'm really not trying to say that people can't get together when they
want to. Just saying that having something people can *focus* on is a
benefit to the community. So an annual or semi-annual Debconf is good,
even if all that _really_ distinguishes it from the rest is that we
don't call two conferences "Debconf" within the same six/tweleve-month
time frame :)

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