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Re: Very uneven distribution of packages per maintainer

> Not necessarily -- some packages are a lot of work, like xfree, glibc,
> apache, some are a decent amount of work, like mailman, cvs and some
> are close to zero work, like chrpath and xslide.  People also have
> different amounts of time available -- those who are paid to do Debian
> maintainence at work will have more time than somebody who works 12
> hours/day without any Debian work in there, etc.
> So, why do you think having a more even distribution is a good thing?
> Or rather, why is the current situation so bad?

indeed.  Some packages are "worth" 10 "normal" packages in the amount of work 
they require.

Also, perhaps the script could deal with items like qa owning orphaned 
packages and the like.

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