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Re: DebConf 3 for New Maintainers

On 14 May 2003, Joachim Breitner wrote:

> > I would recommend this.  When I was in Bordeaux in 2000 without my own Laptop
> > it was much less fun. :-(  The educational effect decreases drastically!
> Well, that sould definatly interesting. I just hope I manage to get a
> laptop 'till then. Or would you think a zaurus with debian is sufficient
> :-) (Actually, why not: One might allow me to ssh on his machine so I
> can actually compile stuff *g*)
Honestly:  I do not know Zaurus except that I had my hands on it for a
minute (which was quite impressive).  But I think it could be a very
intersting test to install and use Debian on it.

> I think the problem is that for most bugs you need either very deep
> knowledge of the program or of some language or (mostly) both.
Definitely not.  Just have a deeper look and you will find that many bugs
are easy to fix.  (If you would know my limited skills and compare it
with the bugs I fixed in Bordeaux you would believe me. ;-)) )

> So if you
> can't do "much" C, a lot of bug fixing is out of your reach. Well, maybe
> I can find some bugs I can fix with perl or shell etc until then.
You will find those und probably others which are easy to fix.

Kind regards


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