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Proposal of removing MOSIX stuff

Hi all

Currently we have both OpenMosix and Mosix in our main archive.

See http://openmosix.sourceforge.net/ and http://www.mosix.com/ 
for background information. Both software provide the same
features for clustering (but IMHO OpenMosix is more actively developed
and has more prospectives, e.g. ia64 support).

Historically, OpenMosix has been a fork of Mosix, when Prof. Barak
changed license into a proprietary one :-/
The OM project leader Moshe Bar was the co-author of Mosix.

Currently, Mosix should be removed from main, because 
http://www.mosix.com/LICENSE denies redistribution of modifications 
without author's permission. OpenMosix is fully GPL, instead.

I'm simply proposing the complete removing of mosix from archive, if none
could adopt it and manage properly its moving in non-free.


Francesco P. Lovergine

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