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Re: Debian Calendar Files

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:
> Kevin Kreamer wrote:
>> How about:
>> Dec 11  Infomagic announces an unreleased Debian 1.0 as official, 1995
> That's wrong, because I don't know when they announced Debian 1.0
> but I only know when Debian and Infomagic jointly announced the
> botching of 1.0 by Infomagic mistakenly shipping a development
> Debian and tagging it 1.0.

Ok, so something like:

Dec 11  Infomagic announces mistakenly shipping Debian as 1.0, 1995

although that might be subtle to anyone who doesn't already know the
story, I guess.  On the other hand, anything we put in that little of
a space will probably be subtle to anyone who doesn't already know
the story.

In any case, the original entry sounds spiteful because "botching" is
usually used in the case where you want to assign blame, especially
through malice or incompetence (yes, Infomagic might be blameworthy,
but it *has* been 8 years, hence the "let bygones be bygones" response).


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