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Re: Status of Sarge Release Issues (Updated for May)


Drew Scott Daniels wrote:
> 1 flex transition? Silently a major revision of flex came into unstable
> and broke parts of openoffice.org, postgresql and likely others.

Manoj uploaded flex-old (now in NEW).

> 2 Ooo (OpenOffice.org 1.0.3?)? Very desirable but held back by
> transitions still? More info at least on the debian ooo mailing list, is
> there a status site? flex broke this too.

1 RC bug (the flex one) [1], waiting for gcc-3.3 (because of libstdc++5)

aj stated he is going to let OOo in regardless of that bug...

[1] the other one is going to be downgraded now because it isn't grave, it
is important because it a) is only on ppc and b) only on some files

> 2 KDE (3.1?)? Is there a status site? 3.1.1 is in unstable.

See the RC bugs and you'll easily determine the status....


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