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Re: gperiodic internationalization (i18n) broken ?

Kyle R . Burton a écrit :
> > If you do not mind, I'd like to create a new repository to keep on maintaining
> > gperiodic.
> Georges,
> Please feel free to take over GPeriodic.  I've ceased to have the time (or
> desire) to maintain it.  

Thank you Kyle,

for the trust. Please feel free to criticize modifications.
I'll maintain sources which are located at 

Localizations are activated, future work will be to contact contributors
for updating all of them.

As you merged many physical properties in the database, I'll try to work
further on expressing the evolution of properties across the table by
various visual means. The colour distribution based on thermal
properties can be improved, and other properties like atomic and ionic
radius, potential of ionization, etc. can also be rendered in the table,
to show overall regularities and local pecularities.

Best regards,			Georges.

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