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Sun Ultra 30 available


I've got a Sun Ultra 30 which I'd like to make available to the debian
project if anyone can use it.


PN:      600-4465-02
CPU:     296 MHz UltraSparc II
RAM:     256 MB
Disk:    1 9.1GB SCSI SCA (I can throw in another one as well, or I
         have an 18 GB which is loud but works well, but the Sun won't
         boot off it without some tweaking)
Video:   Creator 3D (FFB2)
Monitor: Sun GDM-20D10 (flickers a bit til it's warmed up, I don't
         have the remote)
Other:   Sun (Toshiba) 32x CD-ROM, floppy, Type 6 Keyboard and mouse

The machine is currently in use as my desktop.  Performance-wise it's
similar to a Pentium II.  It's a bit loud (fans mostly) :-)

I'll be moving to Minneapolis in the late May - early June timeframe.
While I'm happy to donate the machine I'm afraid I can't afford to
ship it anywahere; if someone is willing to pick it up or pay
shipping, let me know.  The monitor in particular is quite heavy.

If this isn't a useful machine, let me know and I'll find something
else for it to do.

Best regards,

Nathan Norman - Incanus Networking mailto:nnorman@incanus.net
  There's a positive side to non-technical people -- they actually
  tend to have some grasp of how human psyche works.
          -- Josip Rodin (on d-devel)

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