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Re: Announcing Debian Package Tags

Joachim Breitner <debian@joachim-breitner.de> writes:

> this just crossed my mind: We could have a Tag telling which packages
> are usably by blind people with Braille terminals etc. Not that I know
> anything about how bild people use computers, but for them I think it
> would be great to completly filer out apps that they are unable to use
> anyways (which includes most GUI apps).
The problem is that you can't universally say "this is useable, and this is not"

The situation might change in some cases, i.e., there is active work
to get at least the crucial parts of GNOME accessible.  So we would
invest time in filtering out stuff we later need to "unfilter"

I like the "User interface" categories for this.  One should be easily
able to filter out all Graphical stuff by excluding packages which
are Tagged GNOME or KDE.  That by itself is a huge improvement over
the current situation.

What I'd like to see though is a Tag Screenreader.  screader, brltty,
emacspeak and speakup come to mind which would really like to be in that

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