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Re: If Debian decides that the Gnu Free Doc License is not free then I will be honored to join Stallman and the FSF in the not free section of your distro

Op wo 23-04-2003, om 17:00 schreef Hans Reiser:
> Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> >
> >Consider that an Evil Company, say, starting with the letter 'M', could
> >apparently make its changes to the documentation of a GFDL-licensed
> >document near-proprietary by adding invariant sections and cover texts
> >that are unconscionable to the original author. Something like an
> >invariant section on how the original author's coding style resembles
> >the intelligence of the infamous paper clip. And a cover text that
> >"Linux Sucks".
> >
> Why is this a problem? Seems to me that it is their right to do so, if 
> they make a contribution that nobody else wants to be without, they have 
> earned the moral right to insult the original author.

Well, it's your right to think so. But you have to understand that not
everyone feels that way; the fact that the GFDL can potentially be
abused into making the manual non-free *is* a problem.

In fact, this whole argument started because 'someone' felt insulted.

wouter at grep dot be
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