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If Debian decides that the Gnu Free Doc License is not free then I will be honored to join Stallman and the FSF in the not free section of your distro

I find it unspeakably ingrateful to Stallman that some of you begrudge him his right to express his (discomforting to some) views to all who use his software, and to ensure that they are not removed by those suits who are discomforted.

As far as I am concerned, I have no desire to have ReiserFS distributed for free by anyone who removes the GNU manifesto or similar expressions from Stallman's work (or my own) and redistributes it. It is simply a matter of respect that is due the author.

ReiserFS will be converting to the Gnu Free Doc License for its documentation. I look forward to the release of GPL V3 which will hopefully cover fair crediting of code as well as documentation, and stem this rising tide of plagiarism and political bowlderization by distros.

I will be happy to work with the FSF in recruiting other software authors to this task of stemming plagiarism and political bowlderization by distros before it becomes a bigger problem than it is now.


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