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Re: plagiarism of reiserfs by Debian

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First I have to say, that I even did not realize, that the credits had been removed.

I think Hans has a good point. The inclusion of credits is something that should be respected. Free software does not mean that you can do what you want with a piece of code, but that you're allowed to use, modify and redistribute it freely, respecting it's license.

Even a credit that goes into the direction of a commercial has to be respected, if the license forbids it's removal. The same way we (the debian population) insist on the proper use of the most common GPL V2, so other licences have to be respected as well. How would we complain if a company like Microsoft would include GPL based software in their products without mentioning and crediting it. And anyone who fears that free software could become commercial sponsored software must exclude this kind of software from the distribution instead of violating licences.

Hans, I hope that the removal of these credits was a mistake and that they're going to be included in future releases of testing. ReiserFS is a really fine piece of software and anyone who helped with it's development should have the right to be credited if he or she wants so.

Perhaps someone should file a bug against this.



Am Samstag, 19.04.03, um 18:07 Uhr (Europe/Zurich) schrieb Hans Reiser:

Please explain your reasons for removing the credits and attributions from the reiserfs utilities in violation of our copyright.

You'll note that ReiserFS anticipated the GNU GPL V3 by including clauses that forbid removal of credits in its license, and for a long time I have been telling Stallman that he needs to get V3 of the GPL out the door.

By the way, does Debian support as a matter of principle the decrediting of Stallman and KDE by RedHat? I had really expected this from RedHat, not Debian, when I wrote those clauses.

In the academic world, this is called plagiarism. In the academic world, knowledge is shared but fairly credited. The GPL is born of the academic tradition.


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