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Outlook Express (Re: stop abusing debconf already)

On Mon, Apr 21, 2003 at 11:08:04AM +0100, Matt Ryan wrote (and CC'd me):

> > (the irony is almost too much to bear)
> Why? I have 5 PC's here (at home) and 4 of them run Debian (mixture of
> stable, testing and unstable). I have one Windows box that I use for email
> and web browsing as I happen to like OE and IE for these tasks. All the
> backend services (DNS, NFS, POP, IMAP, SMB, HTTP) are run on the Debian
> servers. It works well and I see no reason to change the way I use it.
> Should I have to run Debian (to continue to be a developer?) on every box
> I have or can I make an informed decision on the best way to support my
> work?

This need not be a philosophical discussion, and it need not involve your
software preferences.  The difficulty is that the MUA that you choose to use
is lacking (and/or broken) in ways which inconvenience others on this
mailing list (carbon copies, threads, etc.).  If it can be fixed, please fix
it, and if it cannot, please consider an alternative.

 - mdz

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