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Re: New project proposal: debian-lex

> <rant>
> If english people don't even know what "lex" means, they should make a
> damn effort and and learn it, or at least try to see if they can.
> The rest of people on Earth using computers have been having headaches
> learning stupid english slang words like widgets, gadgets or applets for
> years: show at least some respect, damnit.
> </rant>

Ouch, punch taken.. There's a difference here, however. 'Lex' is an academin 
slang word for which a common language alternative exists, 'law', while 
'widget' is the only name for the thing it represents. Debian-law is not an 
optimal name either, though. It feels like the package contains The Debian 
Law that every user must follow. (And makes Debian-policy sound like it's a 
project for making Debian suitable for the police.. :])

Don't mind us detailists, the project is an ambitious and admirable one. You 
have the right to name it however you like - and if it sounds good to a 
member of its intended audience, it's probably good. =)

- Jarno

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