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Re: why do we care about configuration files?

I demand that Anthony DeRobertis may or may not have written...

> Is it just me, or would this fix the problem simply:

>    1) If a postinst generates a configuration file with debconf, it must
>       place the md5sum of the generated configuration file in /var

>    2) A package should try and parse the current configuration file back
>       into debconf before prompting.

>    3) After prompting, the package must confirm that the current md5sum
>       matches the one stored in /var. If it does and the package succeeded
>       at (2) it may replace the configuration file. Otherwise, use ucf.

4) The user edits the configuration file ("I'd changed that to do <foo>"),
then notices that his extra configuration text has gone missing, along with
his comments as to why the change was made. And it's all been restored to the
original layout, and he finds it harder to follow when it's formatted like

5) Said user happens finds your message and some followups, and agrees that
you were probably too tired to think straight... ;-)

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