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New project proposal: debian-lex

I am interested in coordinating a new sub-project called Debian-Lex,
which would be Debian for Lawyers, akin to the Debian-Med, Debian-Jr and
DebianEdu projects.  Hopefully, these sub-projects will evolve into
Bdale's idea of flavours (flavors, but I'm Australian) of Debian.

I am a lawyer and also an IT consultant, which makes me one of a small
handful of people who have a foot firmly in both camps.  I have written
for my local Law Society's magazine on free software for the legal
office, but the lack of a packaged Linux system for lawyers does seem to
be impeding the take-up of Linux within law firms, particularly on the

The Debian-Lex project would in part just contain some obvious
selections from the existing pool such as OpenOffice.org, Evolution and
Gnotime, but it would also need some other packages that aren't yet in
Debian such as SQL-Ledger (although this has been ITP'd), and I intend
to put together a database schema that will serve as the basis for a
legal client and matter database.

If there are no major objections within the developer community I will
liaise with the appropriate people to get this moving, and post for
expressions of interest to the debian-users list to see if there are any
other lawyers out there who would like to help.

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