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Re: plagiarism of reiserfs by Debian

Andreas Dilger <adilger@clusterfs.com> writes:


> I'm sure all the FSF/Debian folks would be thrilled if someone
> changed the code in [x]emacs to not output anything about the GPL at
> startup, or if vim didn't include any info about helping Ugandan
> orphans.

XEmacs and Emacs follow sensible guidelines: if you start them without
any arguments, then they display useful information, including
information about the GNU GPL.  If you start them such that they can
usefully display something else (like a filename that you want to
edit), then they don't display the other information, and you don't
get reminded about the GNU GPL.

So the information isn't thrust in anybody's face: if you don't give
it any arguments, Emacs doesn't have anything else it might display,
so it may as well display information about itself (how to get help,
conditions of copying, etc.).

To remove this code would be a bad technical decision---there's no
reason to.  I presume (if any code has been changed) that some of the
reiserfs code is doing something that's less technically justifiable.

(I don't know about vim.)


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