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Re: New project proposal: debian-lex

On Sat, 2003-04-19 at 23:57, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On 19 Apr 2003, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> > I am interested in coordinating a new sub-project called Debian-Lex,
> Could you please explain the naming "lex" for non English speakers?
> In general I really like your idea because I think those internal
> projects are an important way to fit the needs of our users.  I
> would recommend to read the slides of my talk about internal projects
> and also follow rhe link to the Subproject HOWTO.

OK, thanks.  Here (http://people.debian.org/~terminus/debian-lex/) is a
rough Web page which I have shamelessly plagiarised from your Debian-Med
project.  I will contact the appropriate people in the mailing list and
Web page groups to see if we can get this formalised.  I have a
preliminary list of packages (or proposed packages) that I would want to
see as part of Debian-Lex, and I will contact those developers also.

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