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Re: Nameserver-pushing mechanism

Proposal: Implementation steps for dynamic resolver configuration

Assuming that it is impossible to update networking daemons and
DNS caches simultaneously with providing the infrastructure for
dynamic resolver configuration, we need a plan for doing it in

Each of the following steps should be completed before the next
one is taken.

* Modified sysvinit package creates /run/
* New "resolver" package includes /etc/init.d/resolver which
  generates /run/resolv.conf from /run/resolver/interface/*
  and does a run-parts on /etc/resolver/update.d/
* Networking daemon packages and ifupdown provide dynamic
  nameserver data in /run/resolver/interface/IFACE (in
  resolv.conf format) and call "/etc/init.d/resolver reload"
  on interface up, but continue to futz with /etc/resolv.conf
  as they do now
* Modified bind package provides /etc/resolver/update.d/bind
  which generates a new named.conf forwarders{} fragment.
  On installation, the package optionally sets up named.conf
  to include this fragment.  Likewise for other DNS caches.  
* Modified resolver package depends on the latter versions
  of the networking daemon packages and ifupdown.  On 
  installation, optionally changes /etc/resolv.conf into a
  symlink to /run/resolv.conf
* Modified networking daemon packages depend on the latter
  version of resolver and no longer futz with /etc/resolv.conf

Does this look reasonable?

Thomas Hood <jdthood0@yahoo.co.uk>

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