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Re: Nameserver-pushing mechanism

On Monday 14 April 2003 02:36 am, Thomas Hood wrote:
> Proposal: Implementation steps for dynamic resolver configuration


> * New "resolver" package includes /etc/init.d/resolver which
>   generates /run/resolv.conf from /run/resolver/interface/*
>   and does a run-parts on /etc/resolver/update.d/
> * Modified resolver package depends on the latter versions
>   of the networking daemon packages and ifupdown.  On
>   installation, optionally changes /etc/resolv.conf into a
>   symlink to /run/resolv.conf

If we're going to have /run/resolver, why not use /run/resolver/resolv.conf?  
We're making all of these nice, clean new directories, and already kludging 
them up.

Just a minor nit-pick.  This FHS-remodeling business is serious stuff...

 - Keegan

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