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Re: Nameserver-pushing mechanism

On Sat, 2003-04-12 at 02:34, Jeremie Koenig wrote:
> Sounds quite good. But I have a suggestion about going one step further:
> include the whole thing into ifupdown.

In the following, where you write '/etc/resolv-update.d' I guess you
meant to say '/etc/network/resolv-update.d' since /etc/network is
where ifupdown stores its configuration files.

> Underlying programs to configure interfaces (dhcpcd, pppd, ...) would
> put their resolv.conf data in /run/network/resolv.d/<interface>. They
> have no need to call any script to do the update, ifupdown manages it
> itself.
> [...]

To change my suggestion into yours:
* Move files from /run/resolver/interfaces/ to /run/network/resolv.d/
* Move files from /etc/resolver/update.d to /etc/network/resolv-update.d
* Make the latter scripts get their resolv.conf data from stdin
  instead of from the /run/network/resolv.d/* files
* Rename "/etc/init.d/resolver reload" to "push-resolvers"
* Make ifupdown call push-resolvers instead of using a script in

The only significant difference is that you would put everything in
the ifupdown package.  Why do that?

> We will also need that ifupdown waits until ppp/dhcp has finished before
> exiting. This has to be done someday, anyway. /run makes it possible,
> since we can create, for instance, a /run/network/pid.ppp0 file to be
> killed -HUP from /etc/ppp/ip(up|down).d/0ifupdown.

I don't understand this.  Why do you want ifupdown not to exit
until while ppp or dhclient are running?

if(up|down) wasn't designed to run as a daemon.

Thomas Hood <jdthood0@yahoo.co.uk>

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