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ITO: searching new maintainer for gworkspace package

Hi everybody,

here's your Debian package maintainer (still) for the gworkspace package
writing. I want to get rid of the gworkspace package and wanted to first
ask here before i move on to simply orphan the package via bug report.

I once wanted to see GNUstep supported by and within Debian via inclusion
of a user oriented application like GWorkspace and that's why i packaged it
for Debian in the first place. But, unfortunately, i don't rank myself
among the envisioned user population for such an application and that's why
i've actually never really used gworkspace or any GNUstep components other
than WMaker and WTerm. Actually, since ever i do prefer a terminal emulator
with the IMHO wonderful Midnight commander or simply a shell prompt. So i'm
quite a bad package and application tester for GWorkspace anyway. ;-)

Since two weeks or so, upstream has released GWorkspace 0.5 and an upload
of this package would be a great means for switching Debian maintainers.
Some aquaintance with GNUstep in general would be needed though. So now
here's the chance for interested parties to step forward and assume
                                 Thanks, P. *8^)

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