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Re: NOTICE: libcupsys2 splitting

On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 10:00, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Please note that the grave bug in question can be resolved by splitting
> *only* the -dev package.  The libraries themselves don't impose any
> conflicts, only the development symlinks.  You may have other reasons for
> wanting to split libcupsys2 itself, but this split isn't strictly
> necessary in order to fix #187897.

There are other good reasons.  libcupsimage2 pulls in deps on libjpeg,
libpng, libtiff, etc. that aren't strictly necessary for the vast
majority of printing applications, so making, say, samba not depend on
libpng is a good thing.  This is also true, although to a lesser extent,
in the reverse direction (why gs-esp pulls in libslp1, for example).

Good reason or no, I'm also usually confused by foo-dev packages without
corresponding foo packages, and I don't want to perpetrate that.
Jeff Licquia <licquia@debian.org>

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