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NOTICE: libcupsys2 splitting

A grave bug was filed against libcupsys2 regarding the combination of
the libcups and libcupsimage libraries into one package and dependency
problems resulting from the libpng2 -> libpng3 problem.

To fix it, I have split libcupsys2.  The libcupsimage libraries and
header files are now in "libcupsimage2{-dev}" packages as of 1.1.18-3,
which is currently in incoming.

Nearly all packages now depending on libcupsys2 link with libcups, not
libcupsimage.  So, for these packages, there should be no disruption;
your package deps should continue to be correct.

If, however, your package deals with the CUPS raster image format
somehow, your package will fail to work with 1.1.18-3 or later until it
is rebuilt with the new libs.  I have identified three packages as
possibly meeting that test: gs-esp, cupsys-driver-gimpprint, and
foomatic-bin.  I maintain gs-esp, and will be dealing with that package
shortly.  The other two maintainers are CCed on this message.

In the meantime, people using unstable and printing with CUPS may wish
to put libcupsys2 and cupsys on hold for a few days, especially if they
rely on gimp-print or foomatic-based drivers.
Jeff Licquia <licquia@debian.org>

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