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Re: Location of .pm for arch-dependent package?

At  4:26 pm, Tuesday, April  8 2003, Anthony DeRobertis mumbled:
> And I don't have that many perl packages installed.
>     "In each of the directory pairs above, the lib component is for
>      binary (XS) modules, and share for architecture-independent
>      (pure-perl) modules." (Perl Policy, 1.3)
> Either there are a lot of policy violations (yes, I realize that _some_
> of those files may be architecture dependent after all), or policy
> should be changed to accept the above.
I have spoken to Brendan and a few other Perl gurus on the matter, and the
concensus between them is that the arch-indep .pm's that are thrown in
/usr/lib are useless without the corresponding .so's anyway, so what is
currently happening is correct.

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