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Re: is m68k really ready for testing?

On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 11:00:23PM -0700, Aaron Lehmann wrote:
> > How 'technical' is the term 'doorstop architecture'?
> From Jargon File (4.3.3, 20 Sep 2002) [jargon]:
>   doorstop n. Used to describe equipment that is non-functional and
>      halfway expected to remain so, especially obsolete equipment kept around
>      for political reasons or ostensibly as a backup. "When we get another
>      Wyse-50 in here, that ADM 3 will turn into a doorstop." Compare {boat
>      anchor}.
> If it's in the jargon file, it's pretty technical :).

To quote the Introduction to the Jargon File,

  This document is a collection of slang terms used by various
  subcultures of computer hackers.  Though some technical material is
  included for background and flavor, it is not a technical dictionary;
  what we describe here is the language hackers use among themselves for
  fun, social communication, and technical debate.

So, no. The phrase "policy is not a stick to beat people with" comes to
mind, just s/policy/jargon/... :)

     2. That which causes joy or happiness.

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