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is m68k really ready for testing?

Today, with the help of some m68k porters, I investigated in the crest
unstable chroot why mutt does not build anymore on this architecture,
keeping out of testing an important security fix (possible remote

After a few hours of work (running ./configure took 53 minutes) and much
swearing I determined that nsgmls from the sp package silently fails.
While trying to build mutt I also discovered that strace is completely
broken (it does not actually trace anything) and vim segfaults every
time ESC is pressed in command mode (e.g. when a cursor key is pressed).
I wonder how many broken packages are in the archive.

Perl has a similar problem (first the test case for POSIX::strftime()
failed, now the one for DB_File, and each build takes many hours) and is
currently being held in unstable because of m68k, hppa (gcc brokeness)
and mipsel (broken SysV IPC).

aj announced on the d-i list that he wants to do a sarge preview by the
end of the month, but with so many packages broken I really wonder if
it's still appropriate to consider m68k in a releasable state, given the
damage to other architectures.

I hope that the m68k porters will not have bad feelings about this:
I have nothing against their toy, as long as it does not get in the way
of other architectures which are actually used by people.
Also, similar considerations may apply to other architectures which did
not directly impact my packages.

(Please do not suggest "fix these bugs yourself". I looked at my own
package and determined that the bug is not my fault, I have no time to
dedicate to a doorstop architecture.)

ciao, |
Marco | [260 st5oEi3WGze86]

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