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Re: master.debian.org randomly deferring mail

Andreas Metzler wrote:
> > The big question is, what is a "verifyable address" in this context? As
> > in 'domain must have MX or A record'? As in 'VRFY', i.e. primary MX's
> > MTA must not reject?
> [...]
> | The check is performed by running the same verification code as is
> | used when Exim is called with the -bvs option, that is, by running
> | the directors and routers in verify mode.
> Exim checks whether it would know how to deliver a mail to
> @remote-part. For the usual "internet-site" doing direct SMTP
> deliveries (like master.debian.org) this would mean checking for MX
> or A record, a satellite systeme might only lookup the IP of the
> smarthost.

Oho. I just noticed I have a third MX that is not currently available.
Could master's reverse delivery check somehow be trying to check that
MX, old.kitenet.net, which is a level 20 MX? I'll update my zone file
and we'll see I suppose.

If it is the MX, then I think master's mail configuration is a bit
ill-considered. We have better ways to filter spam in bugs than being
really picky about very mildly broken MX setups. After all, bug
reporters often _do_ have broken setups, or they'd not be filing bugs,
eh? Also, secondary MX's go down from time to time, this should not
cause mail deferrals when the main mail server is still up.

see shy jo

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