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Re: Group by functionality or family? [WAS: Bug#187245:galeon-snapshot: idiotic section change]

Michael Banck wrote:
> Concerning this, I'd like to point everybody to
> http://debian.vitavonni.de/packagebrowser and the corresponding
> announcement on this list (without replies) from Erich,
> <20030323222023.GA6585@bombadil.xmldesign.de>. There, you can see
> aptitude's categories Joey is talking about above and you can add new
> categories (please think twice) and above all, put your own packages
> into proper categories for later inclusion in aptitude (and other
> package management frontends eventually).
> Thanks a lot to Erich for doing this, btw.

It's pretty nice. No way to remove a package from a group (or better,
move it to another) though. Much of net-mail-misc can be removed from
there as I have added it into other groups.

> The big advantage of using this with aptitude is that we don't need to
> change policy for the time being while the user experience will get
> enhanced appreciably when sarge releases. We *can* do this in time for
> the next release!

I think this merits a mail to debian-devel-announce.

see shy jo

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