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Bug#187245: galeon-snapshot: idiotic section change

Package: galeon-snapshot
Severity: normal

Latest changelog entry:

  * Changed package section to gnome

What is wrong with section web? Isn't galeon about "the web, only the

This is just _DUMB_. I'm unknown with what the criteria used to pick
packages for the new kde & gnome sections were, but everything indicates
it was more or less a "links to the respective libraries" decision.

This is a loss people. We used to group packages in sections by their
functionality. Do we suddenly have a different way of indicating this,
aside from reading each description one by one? OTOH, for indicating a
certain application fits into a particular environment, we already have
tasks and metapackages; in that respect the two new sections are merely
duplicating existing functionality.

If the gnome & kde sections are to become just two more dump sections as
x11 mostly is, I don't see the point of having them at all.



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