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Re: Using debconf in downloaders/installers

Kevin Rosenberg wrote:
> Joey Hess wrote:
> > I think you're mistaken about the potinst, see my comments in bug #187213.
> Sorry. I don't see any comments from you in bug #187213.

I suppose it'll get there eventually.

> > It would be a good idea to make the config script ask any initial
> > questions, and only have the postinst be interactive if the download
> > fails or something. It's ok to use debconf in postinsts to report and
> > deal with failures -- that's what the note question type is for,
> > even[1].
> Okay, I'll move my error recovery loops to postinst. It's interesting,
> linda and lintian both warn about dh_input in postinst but don't warn
> about dh_input in preinst. Do you think they should warn about
> dh_input in preinst? in postinst?

Not checking the preinst sounds like an oversight.

see shy jo

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