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Re: Using debconf in downloaders/installers

Kevin Rosenberg wrote:
> Installer often requires a loop of interaction with the user with
> regards to downloading from the network and testing the configuration
> of the downloaded software. To have such a loop of interaction, I have
> done this in preinst since config should only ask questions and
> postinst should not ask questions. Thus, preinst is the only
> maintainer script that can have loops of question asking and
> installation activities.

I think you're mistaken about the potinst, see my comments in bug #187213.

It would be a good idea to make the config script ask any initial
questions, and only have the postinst be interactive if the download
fails or something. It's ok to use debconf in postinsts to report and
deal with failures -- that's what the note question type is for,

see shy jo

[1] Yes, it is badly named, and yes, it is abused. :-P

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