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Problem creating package


First, sorry for my poor english!

Well, I am learning how to make debian packages but I have a problem.. when I 
install the package, dpkg don't copy the binary in /usr/bin/
All the rest goes perfectly, docs, etc. I tried to build the package without 
root using -rfakeroot and with root, but it don't run in either of them.

On the other hand, when I build the package with dpkg-buildpackage all goes 
well, an the binary is installed in debian/tmp/usr/bin

The packages are on http://www.avilescd.org/personales/asa96s
(The program don't make nothing, is only for test purposes)

This is the output of dpkg -L before install the package:

root@melania:/home/angelito/deb# dpkg -L tideb


And the Makefile:

root@melania:/home/angelito/deb/tideb-1.0# cat Makefile
# Angel Sancho (C) 2003
# Version 1.0

# Edited for Debian GNU/Linux.
CC = gcc
BIN = $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin

all:            tideb

                rm -f $(BIN)/tideb

install:        tideb
                install -d $(BIN) $(DESTDIR)/etc
                install tideb $(BIN)

                $(CC) tideb.c -o tideb


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