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Re: Bug#187245: galeon-snapshot: idiotic section change

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 11:20:31AM +0200, Filip Van Raemdonck wrote:
> What is wrong with section web? Isn't galeon about "the web, only the
> web"?
> This is a loss people. We used to group packages in sections by their
> functionality. Do we suddenly have a different way of indicating this,
> aside from reading each description one by one?

Perheps we should leave the concept of stacking packages into a single section
and start using sections as group-names: sections to packages as groups to
unix users.

Galeon is a web browser, but is also a gnome application. It has both the
functionalities of a web browser and a gnome application. links does not, for
example; the same is for Mozilla, Konqueror or w3m. Even w3m and links, that
are both for text environment, do not have the same functionalityes.

Things like Debian sub projects could have their advantages too. Adding a jr
edu or med section would automatically include e apckage into that subproject.

"I want a paint program for a kid"
section(graphic) && section(X11) && section(kid)

"I want a network monitoring tool to use within my gnome desktop"
section(newtork) && section(admin) && section(gnome)

"I want a program to show 3d maps of stars to my students"
section(science) && section(grapgic) && section(edu)

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