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Re: Packages with NEWS.gz and no changelog.gz

Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> The format of these NEWS files greatly varies, but most of them seem to
> contain information which I would expect to find when I'm looking for an
> upstream changelog file.

Best practice is certianly to include the NEWS file as that name
(compressed), but make changelog.gz a link to it. It gets more
interesting when there are both upstream ChangeLog and NEWS files, then
you have to choose which is more changelog-ish and/or useful.

> Should I file a mass bug report about this problem (on my system, 59 out
> of 2340 installed packages have a NEWS.gz but no changelog.gz) ?

Sure, why not. Don't inflate the severity though.

> Would it make sense to include a warning in lintian about this kind of
> problem ?

This sounds like a very good idea.

see shy jo

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