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Packages with NEWS.gz and no changelog.gz

I noticed that there are many packages that don't have a changelog file
in /usr/share/doc/<pkgname>, but instead an upstream NEWS file. The
policy says in 13.7:

    "If an upstream changelog is available, it should be accessible as
    `/usr/share/doc/<package>/changelog.gz' in plain text."


    "Rationale: People should not have to look in places for upstream
    changelogs merely because they are given different names or are
    distributed in HTML format."

The format of these NEWS files greatly varies, but most of them seem to
contain information which I would expect to find when I'm looking for an
upstream changelog file.

Should I file a mass bug report about this problem (on my system, 59 out
of 2340 installed packages have a NEWS.gz but no changelog.gz) ?

Would it make sense to include a warning in lintian about this kind of
problem ?


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